Product Name:

Sorbic Acid (C6H8O2)

Synonyms: 2, 4-hexadienoic acid

Packing detail: Net 25kgs/ bag

Original: China, USA

Chemical Formula: C6H8O2



Appearance: White Crystal Powder;

Aplication: Used in food, restrain effectiverly the activity of mould

Storage : cool and dry place

Process of making Sorbic Acid (referencing)

A process for producing Sorbic Acid from a polyester obtained by reaction of crotonaldehyde with ketene using an organic acid zinc salt as catalyst is provided, which process comprises dissolving the polyester in an aromatic hydrocarbon solvent having an azeotropic temperature of the solvent with water of 92° to 100° C., followed by washing the polyester solution with water or a mineral acid water to remove zinc matter and continuously contacting the solution with a strongly acidic porous ion exchange resin, the process being simple, commercially profitable, making possible a long term operation of the polyester decomposition apparatus, capable of easily purifying sorbic acid and affording sorbic acid with a good yeild. Sorbic Acid can restrain effectiverly the activity of mould .yeast and Aerophile bacteria. Restrain growth and reproduction of the pernincious microoraganism as Pseudomonad. Sorbic Acid  lengthen food store period and remain food original flavor.

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