Product Name:

L-Lysine (C6H14N2O2)

Packing detail: Net 25 kgs/ bag

Original: China, indonesia

Chemical Formula: C6H14N2O2

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Product name: L-Lysine (C6H14N2O2)

Appearance: White powder

Aplication:  In hancing nutrition in food, it is used in aquiculture

Storage: Cool and dry place

Process of making L-Lysine( referencing)

The main material for production of Lysine is sugar cane molasses or sugar solution obtained after hydrolysis of cassava starch, corn starch is about 10-20% sugar content while adding resources to Nino, the mineral salts and growth stimulants. It comprises a multi-step process including fermentation, cell separation by centrifugation or ultrafiltration, product separation and purification, evaporation and drying

This product contains a wealth of nutritional amino acid, protein, vitamins, betaine and protein meal. It also contains a large number of inorganic salts which can make the animals to largely assimilate and metabolize protein in the feed, and can intensify and increase the nutrition in the feed, as well as promote digestion and assimilation. At the same time, it has the features of promoting animals' growth rate, and strengthening abilities of anti-illness. L-lysine is a kind of amino acid, which can't be compounded automatically in the animal body. It is called growing amino acid. It has the function of increasing the practical utilities of feed, improving the meat quality and promoting the growth of animals. It is the ideal product among the current feed additives, and has been wildly used in different kinds of mixed feed.

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