Product Name:

Lactose (C12H22O11)

Synonyms: Lactose, milk sugar

Packing detail: Net 25 kgs/ pp bag ( pp bag outside, white plastic inside)

Original: USA, France

Molecula Fomula: C12H22O11

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Product name: Lactose (C12H22O11)

Appearance: white powder or light yellow. It is easy to be soluble in water and not to be soluble in alcohol or other.

Application: Creating sweet. Pharmaceutical; all food products: confectionary, bakery, chocolate products, ice-cream, milk, baby food etc.

Storage:  cool and dry place

Process of making Lactose (referencing)

A process for making Lactose-removed dairy product comprising: Specifically, the method uses cow milk as raw material,degreasing milk to obtain, separately, low-fat milk and milk fat,heating the low-fat milk while stirring and adding a milk coagulant and calcium salt solution to obtain milk curd,heating the milk curd while stirring and cutting the milk curd to form curd particles and whey, and separating and collecting the curd particles and the whey,dissolving the curd particles in a milk-dissolving solvent to form a re-dissolved milk solution, and pH of the re-dissolved milk solution is controlled to between 6.6 and 7.0,removing lactose from the whey through membrane separation to obtain a lactose-removed whey liquid or Lactose-removed whey powder, andmixing and dissolving the re-dissolved milk solution with the lactose-removed whey liquid or whey powder, and adding an emulsifier to have a shear emulsification reaction to obtain a lactose-removed liquid milk.

Lactose is the product that through fresh sweet Crystallization, drying and deep-processed.

Lactose is a sugar that is found most notably in milk. Lactose makes up around 2–8% of milk (by weight).

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