Product Name:

Glycine (CH2NH2COOH)

Synonyms: Glycocol, Aminoacetic acid

Packing detail: Net 20 kgs/ ppbag

Original: China, India, Korea, USA

Chemical Formula: CH2NH2 COOH

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Product name: Glycine (CH2NH2COOH)

Appearance: White crystalline powder; odorless having a peculiar sweetness. It readily solves in water, slightly in ethanol

Aplication: having a peculiar sweetness, nutritional supplement in food additive. It is used in pharmaceutical

Storage: Cool and dry place

Process of making Glycine( referencing)

The present invention is concerned with a method for producing Glycine, which comprises subjecting an aqueous solution of glycinonitrile to a hydrolysis reaction in a hydrolysis reaction system under the action of a microbial enzyme, thereby converting the glycinonitrile to Glycine while by-producing ammonia, wherein the hydrolysis reaction system contains at least one organic impurity compound inhibiting the microbial enzyme, wherein the organic impurity compound has a molecular weight of 95 or more and contains a specific structure, and wherein the hydrolysis reaction is performed under conditions wherein, during the hydrolysis reaction, the content of the organic impurity compound inhibiting the microbial enzyme in the hydrolysis reaction system is maintained at a level of 10% by weight or less, based on the weight of the hydrolysis reaction system. By the use of the method of the present invention, a high purity Glycine which is useful as a food additive and as a raw material for synthesizing pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals and detergents can be produced easily and efficiently on a commercial scale without causing a heavy burden on the environment.
Glycine is used as a flavoring or sweetness because it is sweet. In combination with sodium glutamate, DL-alanine, or citric acid, it can be used in alcoholic beverage.

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