Product Name:

Intangum BA (Gum Arabic)

Synonyms:Acaciadealbatagum; Acaciasenegal; Acaciasyrup; Australiangum;Gumdragon;Gumovaline;Gumsenegal

Packing detail: Net 25 kgs/pp bag

Original: France, China

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Product name: Intangum BA (Gum Arabic)

Appearance: white to yellow-white powder

Aplication: thickener, stabilizer, emulsifier, coating agent glaze. It is used in food and beverage

Storage: Cool and dry place

Process of making Gum Arabic (referencing)

First sorting Arabic Gum( Arabic gum tree grown in Nigeria). It exists in form of the oval,colors from light yellow to red has a complex molecular structure, including: D-galactose 44%, L-arabinose sugar 24%, D- Glucuronic acids 14.5%, L-rhamnose 13%, 4 - O-methyl - O- Glucuronic acids 1.5%. And then crushing, dispersion in water, purification or straining, precipitation, separation or centrifuging with alcohol. Drying, milling or spray granulation. The application of the right machinery in this process will yield a high grade (grade1) of the refined Gum Arabic powder or granules capable of meeting the international trade grading standard.

Gum Arabic is widely used in the baking industry for its low water absorption properties.The gum is cold water soluble and have impressive adhesive properties for use in glazes and toppings. Gum Arabic have widespread usage as suspending

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