Product Name:

Wheat gluten France

Packing detail: Net 25 kgs/ ppbag

Original: France, USA

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Product name: Wheat gluten France

Appearance: Yellow powder

Aplication:  used as a filler, increase protein, improve the quality of food used in food and beverage

Storage: Cool and dry place

Process of making Wheat Gluten ( referencing)

Wheat Gluten is also named as Active Wheat Protein, it is made from selected wheat, which still keeps the most important active character after drying the gluten protein to some degree. It meets the multi-functional needs of foods, because of its incomparable glutinosity and bibulous quality than other plant protein.Wheat Gluten (Active Wheat Protein) is a fine dough improver, widely applied in the productions of special bread flour, baking bread, noodles and fast foods, also can be as stuff and anti-drying agent for meat products. It improve the quality of baking foods, it can shorten the yeasting time of dough, making the bread, fried food with better color, scent and flavor. It make some fake meats like vegetarian foods, also as fine binding and high nutrient of pet foods.

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