Product Name:

Clearam CH 20 France

Packing detail: Net 25 kgs/ ppbag

Original: France, USA

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Product name: Clearam CH 20 France

Appearance: white to yellow-white powder

Aplication: used as a filler, used in food and beverage 

Storage: Cool and dry place

Process of making Clearam CH20 ( referencing)

Soaking corn in water at normal temperature, the soaking last process can add hot water contaning  0:18 to 12:25% H2SO3 in corn soak tank. It can soaked in the solution of 0.25% SO2 at temperatures 48-52oC. Targets to be achieved in the soaking process. Preliminary crushing and splitting embryos. The first preliminary grinding requires beating the 5-6 part. The 2nd preliminary grinding to ensure release of all embryos from the endosperm, but not crushed embryos. Then it is washed four times to filter out impurities. After each time, to deposit starch, dehydration and repeat the process above to get wet starch. And then starch is dried and grind finely ground silky. It is used for the binding agent in these products, fillers, increasing water holding capacity

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