Product Name:

Soda Ash ( Na2CO3)

Synonyms: Disodium Salt; Disodium Carbonate;

Packing detail: Net 40 kgs/ woven bag from China and net 25kgs/ pp bag from  Italya/ Germaney ( Solvay Chemical)

Original: China, India, USA

Chemical Formula: Na2CO3

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Product name: Soda Ash ( Na2CO3)

Appearance: whiter crystals  powder

Aplication: Used in pharmaceutical

Storage: Cool and dry place

Process of making Soda Ash( referencing)

The ingredients for this process are readily available and inexpensive: salt brine (from the sea) and limestone (from mines)  using ammonia. The Solvay process centered around a large hollow tower. At the bottom, calcium carbonate (limestone) was heated to release carbon dioxide. At the top, a concentrated solution of sodium chloride and ammonia entered the tower. As the carbon dioxide bubbled up through it, sodium bicarbonate precipitated. The sodium bicarbonate was then converted to sodium carbonate by heating it, releasing water and carbon dioxide:Meanwhile, the ammonia was regenerated from the ammonium chloride by product by treating it with the lime (calcium hydroxide) left over from carbon dioxide generation.

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