Product Name:

Sodium Bicarbonate ( NaHCO3)

Synonyms: Baking Soda; Sodium Acid Carbonate; Bicarbonate of Soda

Packing detail: 25kgs/ bag. If product from China, it was packed in woven plastic bag. If product from Ustralia, it was packed in paper bag.

Original: China, Ustralia, Spain, USA.

Chemical formula: NaHCO3


Product name: Sodium Bicarbonate ( NaHCO3)

Appearance: White powder, taste salty

Aplication: Softening meat, creating porosity for bread, salt drug. It is used in pharmaceutical, food, veterinary, fisheries

Storage:  cool and dry place

Process of making Sodium Bicarbonate( referencing)

Sodium Bicarbonate, commonly called baking soda, is a white odourless, completely soluble in water but slightly soluble in ethanol.

It made from trona ore. The ore is refined into a slurry of sodium sesquicarbonate. An intermediate soda ash product that actually contains both soda ash (sodium carbonate) and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate).

The crystals are then dissolved in a bicarbonate solution (a soda ash solution made by the manufacturer), in a rotary dissolver, thereby becoming a saturated solution.

Purified carbon dioxide is introduced into this process and held under pressure. As the saturated sodium solution moves, it cools and reacts with the carbon dioxide to form sodium bicarbonate cryst

Next, the dried crystals of sodium bicarbonate are separated into various grades by particle size. Standard grades of sodium bicarbonate and special grades are manufactured to meet customers' specific requirements
Aplication: food & food processing, beverages, pharmaceuticals, animal food stuffs

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